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Do you want to learn more about or somehow break into the Entertainment Industry, but you need more knowledge and practical experience?


Are you interested in Record Labels, Music Publishing, Synchronizations/Licensing, Artist Royalties and Entertainment Finance, Copyright Law, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Podcasting, Graphic Design and Merchandising, Metadata, Biopics and Docs, Industry Networking, Artist Management, Talent Agencies, etc., etc., etc.? This internship is the perfect opportunity for you to gain comprehensive skills to kickstart your career in the music and entertainment industry.

Red Giant Rights Group is an Entertainment company that assists artists with the protection and exploitation of their valuable copyrights. Our commitment to excellence is exhibited by our dedication to our clients while we apply the intricacies of the US Copyright Act to their advantage. Additionally, we act as important partners on behalf of our artists in the renegotiation process with major record labels (e.g., Universal Music Group, Sony, Warner Music, Concord), music publishers (e.g., Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell), and production companies.


While the Industry is glamorous, our work at Red Giant is labor intensive - but extremely gratifying. Please don't misconstrue that this is a breeze gig where you will be laying out in the sun with celebrities drinking Mai Tais. This internship won't be full of busy work or running to get coffee. Your job description could include anything from administrative duties, spreadsheets, database entry, and more. We take you, your experience, and your value to the team seriously. Periodically, you may find yourself on the phone with a popular recording artist who has sold millions of records and had multiple Top 40 hits. You will work virtually and do most of your project work independently, on your own schedule, but always at an accelerated pace, because we have a lot to do.


This internship can be for school credit, and could potentially turn into a full-time, salaried position for the right candidate(s).


We work hard. We work smart. Our expectations are high. Only apply if you're very interested. Please email us a cover letter that describes your passion for the industry and an updated resume that highlights any experiences you have, and/or focuses on your interests. If we are intrigued, we will reach out to you directly for an initial phone interview, followed-up potentially by a hiring process.


Keep in mind that if you are offered a position, you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement protecting Red Giant from any breach of proprietary means and methods, personal/private information of our executives and/or of our clients.

Words From The Front

Hear directly from some of those who have dedicated their time and talents to Red Giant in the past in order to expand their knowledge base about the dynamic world of Entertainment.

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Student, VA

Interning with Red Giant was a great experience. I learned so much about the music industry and honed my research skills. Although it was virtual, I was able to reach out whenever I needed to Robert or other employees to get help with something I didn’t understand. The culture at Red Giant was not competitive at all, in fact everyone brought each other up to the best they can be. It was a lot of manageable work that was intriguing to do because it was within the Entertainment industry. 

Robert was extremely knowledgeable and guided me through my internship. He gave me things to do that challenged me and helped me out when I didn’t know what I was doing. He was very approachable and available. 

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Student, MI

Although learning and working virtually may sometimes bring difficulties, Red Giant creates projects for you that allow you to expand your knowledge on whatever your area of expertise is, as well as assign tasks to learn something new (and how to do it).

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Student, FL

I really enjoyed my time at the Red Giant Rights Group. I gained a lot of essential knowledge, especially since I was new to the music industry going in. It took time and dedication, but reflecting on my time now, it was worth it. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to get the full benefits of the internship, with it being remote, but I stand corrected. I am more excited now than ever, knowing what I have learned from my time with the Red Giant Rights Group, to enter into the world of the music industry.

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Student, NC

Working with Red Giant Rights Group opened my eyes to the world of the music industry from a perspective like no other. Certainly hard work, but I learned so much throughout my time working with Robert. With the ability to work remotely and on my own time, I was to able enjoy a college summer and still work in a meaningful internship, providing the skills needed to work in the music industry.

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Law School Graduate, VA

Working as an intern at Red Giant was a valuable and enjoyable experience. I learned a great amount about the business side of the music industry and working to protect artists' rights. It was a pleasure working with Robert and he was a great mentor along the way. If you are looking for a challenge and interested in working in the industry this is a great internship and learning opportunity.

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Law School Student, NC

Interning at Red Giant was a good introduction to the music industry. Robert is always engaging and demonstrates sincere concern for your welfare and education.

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Student, CA

My time at Red Giant Rights Group allowed me to gain professional experience working in the Music Business. This internship has given me knowledge and hands on experience in what I want to do as a future career after I graduate from college.

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Student, VA

My favorite part is that as soon as I started at Red Giant I was making a difference. This internship is interesting because you end up tackling a lot of different problems, one day you may be doing one thing and the next it is something completely different.

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Artist & DJ, MI

Working at Red Giant was an amazing experience. Robert was extremely helpful, flexible, and understanding.  Additionally, I was able to acquire new skills and gain experience first hand as a catalog curator.

This is not for everybody!

Only apply if you are serious in making a difference and working hard. 

Send your cover letter and resume to  

If interested, we will reach out to set up a phone interview.

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