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Red Giant Rights Group


Protecting YOUR copyrights is our expertise.

Congress allows for artists to revisit their original agreements decades later in order to address the inherent value in their copyrights.  Red Giant applies the intricacies of the US Copyright Act to the advantage of the Artist.  Plus, our team negotiates on behalf of the Artist to ensure they get everything that they deserve.

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On behalf of our clients, Red Giant has collectively...

Settled millions of dollars worth of balance forgiveness, flat payments, and royalty advances.

Negotiated better percentages for our clients, often doubling or even tripling original royalties.

Uncovered unpaid royalties and fortified additional revenue streams that will benefit our artists and their surviving family members for decades to come.

Provided keen insight and rare industry knowledge to help our rights-holders navigate the confounding puzzle of contracts and royalty statements.

Created new products and opportunities based on our client's existing assets in the areas of publishing, distribution, merchandising, memorabilia, and life story. 

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